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Monday, 8 September 2014

No Display Folder to Calculated Measure in SSAS under Translation

In SSAS when you create a calculated measure and assign a some folder to it, It seems good when you have assign no translation to it. The calculated measure will be under the same folder. But when you assign some translation to the calculated measure it will come out of that folder. It will appear in the root folder. 

Problem: Let’s say you have created a calculated measure in SSAS (ABC) in SSAS and assign it some translation (XYZ) in some other language.

Here you have create a calculated measure ABC with some calculation and assign associated measure group Internet Sale and display folder is Translation 

When you will browse your cube it will be displayed under translation folder 

Now assign some translation to this calculated measure.
1. Go to translation tab
2. Choose you language in which you wish to provide the name to this calculated measure.
3. Right Click on the calculated measure, it will ask you new translation
4. Choose you language provide some name (Translation in other language) like below

Save your cube and process it , Now you will see when you browse your cube in specified language the calculated measure will be out of translation folder because while providing other language name to calculated measure there is no option to provide folder name in translation Tab. In this example I have used English name of the calculated measure as ABC and Translated Measure Name XYZ in Japanese language. While browsing in Japanese language the measure name should be XYZ and it should be in Translation folder under Internet sale measure group   but it will be out of translation folder you can see in below pic.

Go to you cube in solution
1.       Right click on cube and view code
2. Find the corresponding <Translation> tag - look for the Foreign name of your Calculated member
3. Below the <Caption> tag place a line with <DisplayFolder> tag. The properties within Translation tag :
             <Language>1041</Language>---This is your foreign language code different for different language
             <Caption>XYX</Caption>---- Foreign name of calculated measure
                  --In our case XYZ------
             <DisplayFolder>Name your Folder</DisplayFolder> This display filder Tag we have to put
                                         -----In our case it is Translation
4. Do it for all the calculated measures
Now save the cube and  process it. your calculated measure will be under your expected folder
Please note: This is risky process be careful while doing this process there should be no alteration in other code while doing it. I would suggest it should be done by some experience guy.