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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sorting on column click

We see many Web applications where web page has been designed to give a rich sorting feature to end user. There uses click on any column and entire data gets sorted according to that column. Let’s design a report we can give this rich sorting feature to our end user.
Here I am assuming that you are done with your report design and you have to just introduce sort feature on various columns in your report.

Step 1. Right click on that particular column and 
select Text box Properties option. Refer Image-1

Step 2. Now select Interactive Sorting option and also check the Enable sorting option on this textbox. Refer Image-2
Step 3. You see other options available there and those are as
·        Choose what to sort:
(I) Detail Rows: if your report has only one group/row i.e. detail group/row then choose this option
(II) Groups: if your report has multiple groups and you want to sort the result specific to a group then choose this option
·        Sort by: select the available field name on which you want to perform an sort operation
·        Apply this sorting to all groups and data regions in: choose this option, if you want to sort the whole records specific to your dataset/table/table group

Step 4. You need to repeat the above steps on each column one by one on which you want to give sort feature. Once you done with this and preview your report, the columns will have icons as up-down arrows. Refer Image-3


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