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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Core component of SSIS is Packages
  • Packages
  • Control Flow
  • Data Flow
  • Connection Managers
  • Package Configurations
  • Data Sources
Package is a collection of task snapped together to execute in an orderly fashion to meet the business requirements. Precedence constraints are used to connect the task together and manage the order in which the task will execute. The package is compiled into a .DTSX file that is actually an XML structured file with collection of properties.
Control Flow
A control flow consists of one or more tasks and containers that execute when the package runs. To control order or define the conditions for running the next task or container in the package control flow, we use precedence constraints to connect the tasks and containers in a package. A subset of tasks and containers can also be grouped and run repeatedly as a unit within the package control flow
Data flow
consists of the sources and destinations that extract and load data, the transformations that modify and extend data, and the paths that link sources, transformations, and destinations The Data Flow task is the executable within the SSIS package that creates, orders, and runs the data flow. A separate instance of the data flow engine is opened for each Data Flow task in a package. Data Sources, Transformations, and Data Destinations are the three important categories in the Data Flow.
Connection Managers
Connection managers is gateway to connecting with different data sources, such as relational databases, Analysis Services databases, and files in CSV and XML formats. Connection managers contain the data source connection string and other related properties. At package execution time the connection managers manage the physical connectivity to data sources and destinations. Multiple tasks can share the same connection manager.
Package Configurations
After development your package and before deploying the package in production environment from UAT you need to perform certain package configurations as per production Server .This relates to storing certain aspects of the packages like variable values, database connections, and flat file/ftp connection information. There are different ways to perform configurations

Data Sources
A data source is a connection reference that you create outside a package. A data source represents a simple connection to a data store, which includes all tables and views in the data store