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Monday, 26 November 2012

Format DateTime into Quarter

Format DateTime into Quarter
Most of the time, we format DateTime value in various formats like day, month year etc. If we have to format a DateTime value into Quarter, we can use following expression syntax
=Format(DatePart(DateInterval.Quarter, <Date Value>))

For instance,
=Format(DatePart(DateInterval.Quarter, cdate("11/26/2012"))) will result 4.
="Q"+Format(DatePart(DateInterval.Quarter, cdate("11/26/2012")))+","+cdate("11/26/2012").Year().ToString() will result Q4,2012
AND in following expression, we are going backward to 4 quarters
="Q"+Format(DatePart(DateInterval.Quarter, DateAdd(DateInterval.Quarter,-4,cdate("11/26/2012"))))+","+DateAdd(DateInterval.Quarter,-4,cdate("11/26/2012")).Year().ToString()
Will result Q4,2011

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