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Monday, 8 October 2012

Print matrix from right to Left

Most of the time, we print the Matrix from left to right (LTR). What if we have to print it from right to left (RTL), like image1? Let’s do this simple change to achieve this.

1.    Select your Matrix control and open the property window by pressing F4 key
2.    You will see a property called LayoutDirection. Set this property to RTL

Now execute your report and check the output.


  1. i need to align the matrix to the right of the body of the report

  2. Hi,
    I am not sure that what do you mean by “Align the matrix to the right of the body of the report”. But following is my additional explanation on Matrix writing direction.
    When we render the Matrix in LTR then columns of the matrix will grow from left to right in the body and vice versa in case of RTL. You can also play with the group Column sorting in order to achieve your required output.

  3. i mean that i need matrix start writing from the right corner and the free space in at the left of the matrix

  4. In matrix LTR- Column grows from left to right and non group columns appear in the left side.

    In matrix RTL- in this behavior also, column grows from left to right but non group columns will appear in the right side.

    This is the default behavior of the matrix.

    In your case, if there is any blank space left/right of the matrix, that space will not be consumed by the matrix.
    For your case, I can suggest to restrict the matrix columns and place the matrix on the correct location on the report that fulfills your requirement.